What I learned this week

I came back from London last Saturday. It was great to read, talk and see friends (representatives of these species are sparse here at the Outpost — also known as the Principality). London always makes me feel at home. I only get that feeling in London, the great Kingdom of the Netherlands and my Home City. London also made me feel creative and alert for a while, while I stayed there.

This was all gone shortly after I landed at the Outpost International Airport. Hence I started a blog tonight. But you know all that already.

Jod and me are invited to a party at the Outpost Palace on Tuesday by the Caretaker himself. This is because someone put our name next to the local Olympic volunteers’. Which is fair, given that we live in the Outpost. Anyway, I would not go see the Caretaker, but curiosity got the best of me: I want to actually see the inside of the place bombed Pinochet-style long long time ago by my compatridos. Har har.

A second series containing Turkish dialogue! Turkey is fashionable. ‘Niobe’s Children’, ultimately by the same guy who wrote the Pantheons (this used to be a mag, innit?), the Guardians and many other families with long histories requiring pages upon pages upon pages to recount. The series is set in 1917-1923. Greeks and Turks love each other in Smyrna (and elsewhere) but I do not think this extends to mutual carnal Knowledge. No. Not really. This cannot be. Not in this series: it is already the topic of the first series containing Turkish dialogue. Then Greece joins the Entente. Turks get incensed. They kill some Greeks. Then Greeks think it would be feasible to reach Ankara (not by train, probably equally demanding a task). Then Turks kill more Greeks. The rest are refugeed. The end.

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