It never rains (but it pours)

Hello and apologies for the corniness (but utter suitability, at the same time) of the title.

Yesterday it was low clouds, today it was a massive downpour alternating with hailstorms. Hailstones withered the trees from their leaves, with these sticking on cars parked below. So, today cars have been going around studded with leaves held fast by moisture and fine mud (recall, this is a dusty place, was until yesterday, anyway).

We went to the Outpost’s Big Resort yesterday, under the cloud and with humidity riding high. The place was sparsely populated with the last British holidaymakers of the season, obstinately clad in bikinis, speedos and shorts. They are on holiday, they will not dress up. Fair enough. The Big Resort’s an endless eyesore, but in the summer this is aleviated by three factors:
a) you are rushing to the beach in order to get into the water before heatstroke gets you;
b) beautiful bodies punctuate the landscape;
c) the mediterranean light kills most of the shapes, colours and patterns around you, except the sea (and the aforementioned bodies: most of them blaringly white).

Under the cloud, it was a different story altogether:

And that’s the nice view: I must not be overly critical.

We’re off to bowl tonight. Having missed gym, this is going to be my essential exercise for today.

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