Car sounds

I found a stash (I love this word) of old tapes to play in the car. I used to listen to Radio DJ while driving, with its perpetually recurring inane pop playlists, because it spared me listening to the distorted news and fabricated mass hysterias that other stations have on offer. I eventually got terminally bored of Avril Lavigne thrice in a morning and listening at 7:45 am about the Man who is ‘a driller’ and ‘not a Wham-bam man’, as the rap in ‘What a Man’ goes. Then I tried, like I had in the past, the Communist Party (almost the largest party in this Outpost of petty capitalists and landowners, it owns land and small companies itself), their radio station more specifically, but I got sick of the alternative propaganda. Yes, alternative, but (yes again) propaganda, as well. So I sought refuge to tapes. After I wore REM’s New Adventures in HiFi out, I turned to the stash. Until I get bored of it, as well.

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