Ordinary activities

My friend Jorge was visiting for the weekend. It was fulfilling catching up with him. What catching up translates into. Well, we had long discussions, like we have been doing for the last 18 years or so. Some of them were about self-improvement and dealing with others, in fact I learned as much about me in 90 minutes last night as I have the last 8 years. Other discussions were about everyday life and work or about relationships and, of course, sex; some of them were about science and ideas (e.g. he believes clergy is perfunctory and detrimental to people’s lives, hence should be abolished, I am more mindful of historical realities). We also ate a lot (we are very much into eating and the Outpost offers wonderful opportunities towards this), we drank a tiny bit, we listened to music (he also told us about Brian Wilson finally releasing ‘Smile’, something that had completely escaped us here), we walked a lot and took some pics (like the one below, of outdoor Xmas decorations, Outpost-style).

Aren’t friends great?

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