School news in three parts

Educational news:

Future: In a couple of weeks, part of the school where Jod works will go on an educational outing, under teacher supervision. According to regulations, these are typically half-day events, starting at 9 am. This time the educational outing will be to a cinema. The pupils are going to watch ‘Taxi‘, of Queen Latifah fame.

Present: Today, again at 9 am, the school’s Leader gathered teachers and pupils and publicly blamed the former for not enforcing the school’s uniform policy properly. In the presence of the pupils, he then referred to teachers as ‘little robots’ that perform the duties ‘mechanically and without dedication’. Pupils have been having a ball.

Past: When the Evil Empire ruled the place, officially until 44 years ago (or, in some ways, until last time I checked, i.e. yesterday), they would not let the locals found new schools, in order to curb the growth of nationalism. Which sounds like a wet joke, really.

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