2 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. This very happy fellow firmly believes he is a descendant of Catherine Cornaro. He wishes the Outpost could be his dominion. When he becomes an absolute monarch, a Royal Decree will have everyone under 50 years of age only be able to work in the vineyards, dressed in orange robes. Women will be forced to use lipstick (bright red) at all times and children will be named either Pampus or Pamp-eena. I feel over 80% of the population supports his cause. Perhaps you are in for something big. I recommend you join his staff now and ask for the Ministry of Gay Disinformation. You could even point him to my blog for references. If all else fails, put on your orange robe and may St. John the Commandar help you.

  2. Wow. Not sure I can compete with that. I think he’s explaining to the locals that they’re actually all descended from an early breakaway Viking tribe that got lost somewhere between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Cape of Good Hope. Or maybe he just like the silly hats.

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