First of all greetings to KaaJ the Lucky: not only stereotypically so, by virtue of his descent, but also for strolling the streets of Prague while I have to negotiate loonies changing lanes erratically, with buildings looking dusty even after downpours as a backdrop. I also salute my dear friend the Viennese Rhino and his Harvard Nun.

We dropped by the open air market today, after we parked opposite a halal butchery called Aladdin. The chill, the oblique light, the sounds and the colours, the smell of produce, the mix of races. Mainly poor foreigners buy fruit and veg there, whereas Outposters and rich expats prefer to shop their oranges plastic-wrapped in upmarket supermarkets.

Then coffee in a tastefully decorated bar-cafe-reading room with excellent Lavazza capuccino, good apple pie, two customers: us. It will not last long. While there, we browsed a glossy mag. An interview with a young up-and-coming newscaster. Excerpts:

‘Who are your best friends?’
‘My parents and my wife.’


‘What is the one thing about you you would change?’


‘What is the thing that do you detest most?’
‘Irony — especially when coming from friends.’

So very Outpost. Especially this irony thing. For instance, when I first came here, I decided to use some self-sarcasm as an ice-breaker at work. Thus, one day I said something like ‘… this is what leading X-ologists, like me, think.’ Everybody froze instantly. They actually thought in horror I believed that. The rest is history.

(I wrote the above with Gizmo the Cat on my lap chasing the mouse pointer…)

4 thoughts on “Market

  1. After a lot of analytical thinking (which my scientific (cough cough) training has equipped me with) I may have an idea about where your famed outpost may be.But if my assumptions are correct,don’t you think that “outpost” is too negative/ironic a name for it?Except of course if it is used in the military sense in which case it is very appropriate due to the geopolitical conditions of the past 30 years….

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