Drinking around

Another party yesterday. The compatrido ambassador, in his residence. A relatively small do for compatridos working in the Outpost in my line of business. Those parties make everyone act superficial, a taxing affair. Thankfully, I found someone to hang out with (no, I am not good at mingling). Still, it was the first time I had nibbles out of a plate bearing the arms of the Compatrido Republic in gold.

Then I went to the bar where we have been hanging out in lately. Jod was waiting for me there with Tot, an Outposter colleague, the only one who has time for non family-related engagements, and some people Tot hangs out with, including her boyfriend. After some time with them and a vodka and tonic, I came to the following conclusions:

a. It is ok to be absorbed into frantically texting, while sitting at a table with others.

b. Women should talk among them; men should talk among them, or not at all; under no circumstances can there be discussions between men and women.

c. If you are bored, show it and resort to a. above.

3 thoughts on “Drinking around

  1. Oh come on….men and women do talk among each other, when the conditions are right. I know, I’ve actually witnessed it!

    As for texting,yeah,it’s a great way to escape when you can no longer tolerate paying attention to the guy sitting next to you who just won’t shut up 🙂

  2. men and women do talk among each other Yes, indeed: men will converse to their mothers, asking for food, and to their wives, asking for food or granting money.


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