While I am wittily discussing detergent samples and the godlessness of Buddhism, pure evil is taking over. Histologion pointed us to some pictures American soldiers shot in Iraq. The pictures themselves are frightful and horrendous, and please do not open the links below unless you are prepared to see something that transcends even the daily TV horror show from Iraq. What is (maybe) even more horrifying, is the callous smartarse comments the soldiers who shot the pictures accompany them with.

A selection of these photos is found here; whereas this is the full collection (how much longer will it be online for?) — do read the intro page disclaimer, too.

A last point: before you rush to curse, castigate and cast anathema to American murderers and before slipping into the cosiness and soothing distance of antiamericanism, consider that this is war: the atrocity you have just witnessed, including variously defiling enemy corpses, is part of ‘annihilating the enemy’ and ‘keeping morale high’ — albeit slightly unelegantly (ah, ‘those Americans: no manners’; right?). Also consider how many times similar scenes have been played out throughout human history, before digital cameras, before the Internet, by your own favourite armed forces: the only place where angels fought a war was in heaven, or so they say.

4 thoughts on “Evil

  1. Rummie claims he’s already tendered his resignation twice, but Dubya (who believes in being born again and again and again, apparently) graciously refuses to accept it. I just can’t imagine what more it will take before sb has their heads.

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