Gizmo is back by popular request.


Not much to report. Early Spring is here (as if there was serious winter), a drive to the mountains (photos coming here soon — maybe), eating and drinking with friends.

The low must be contagious, now Jod's got the blues, too.

3 thoughts on “Boxcat

  1. According to the latest scientific evidence, “b-lows” does evaporate and can travel great distances… usually landing on the usual suspects’ heads.

    I am currently walking around town wearing a hat I bought in Austria two years ago (not a Tirol-type one); people give me such strange stares, I love it.

  2. When I was on my second year here, before the car, I had enough of taxis, so I would do the 40 minute-trek to work on foot (remember, no public transport). I once set off late, walking down the road with my camels-patterned mug of coffee in hand. The few pedestrians and the many drivers were flabbergasted.

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