Lemons are just lemons and coffee is different, too

Cheers ( ='thanks') to Allotrios' haiku for this post's title.

I am treating myself to a hot mock choco cappuccino, one of those impossible to froth mixtures they sell in big tins, ready to mix with hot water. I know that, as a dedicated coffee lover, I should refrain from such abominations. Still, I treat myself to and enjoy them as an adult person's caffeine-enhanced Ovomaltine, not real coffee. Not to mention that soon the weather will be too hot for these, and many other, little pleasures.


2 thoughts on “Lemons are just lemons and coffee is different, too

  1. To be added, that in my outpost an individual lemon (imported from god knows where) costs about a Euro.

    (and …
    coffee, do not get me started on that…)

  2. I just couldn’t believe it, so I googled Ovomaltine. First I found out that that’s what they call it in continental Europe. (In my village, we called it Ovaltine.) Then I read that Ovomaltine was exported to Britain in 1909 and renamed Ovaltine. So, the question is… just how old are these not real coffee products you’ve been purchasing/drinking in the Outpost? Always check the exp date.

    Or maybe you’d like some tea with your lemon(s).

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