Naive questions

Seeing injured Londoners against the backdrop of my former home, off Russell Square, realising one of the trains exploded below the Marchmont Street – Judd Street area, where Hyporborean Hunter and me would buy Chinese takeaway and sandwiches, browse books and tacky postcards and get haircuts and kebaps, I wondered: why are these people to blame for the UK government’s crimes?

Then I wondered, why were the non-combattant secular Bosnian Muslims of Srebrenica to blame for anything? Or Israeli commuters? Or the good people of Baghdad since 1991? Or janitors and cleaners in the Twin Towers? Or Madrilenos? Or Palestinian children? Are we supposed to all rise up in rebellion against Islamic / Baathist / Imperialist / Zionist / no-matter-what terrorism and crimes? Yes — but with the alternative being death while shopping or commuting?

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