North Country boy

I am in Newcastle where, implausibly, the sun has been shining for three days straight.

A woman with bruises all over her face was walking next to me for something like sixty seconds last night. Very difficult minute. Very hard life. And the Christian churches continue to locate personal sin within the domain of consenting sex.

I had forgotten this country’s dismal food, its vile coffee, the old smell of damp semi-cleanliness in its rented rooms. I had also forgotten how much I sometimes love this country.

3 thoughts on “North Country boy

  1. I felt vey strange when I read your post today. I studied in Newcastle Upon Tyne for four years, and I still dream of it.It is always the same dream; I am visiting Ncl, I want to go back to my flat (it was in chinatown) but I cannnot reach the city centre. I always wake up crying…

  2. Hi there!

    I lived in Newcastle in the 80s, the gruelling Thatcher years that affected that particular region like nothing else — the miners’ strikes, the various industries that were closing down, the poverty. I lived in Jesmond and then Gosforth, the former upper-middle class academic, the latter more lower-middle class, ethnic. It’s an incredible city, with very warm people. Geordies might have the worst food ever, but they have big hearts and have nothing to do with the snobs down in the south.
    Cordia (AP)

    PS: have my own blog. When are you gonna be back? Oh, and wait, I think I owe you congratulations on a big event in August, yes? In which case, CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Cordia dear, I have already advertised your blog here.

    But we are not paying any attention, are we? 😉

    I will text you next week. You are not in Mohacs, Karlovy Vary or Eszterhazy right now, are you?–>

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