I am back. I left behind British TV (maybe the best in the world, especially compared to local, American and other options), fried food, Kenco instant (non-)coffee, chicken with a mushroom soup sauce (if you don’t know what this is, don’t rush to find out), the bleakness and grandeur that Newcastle is, the ‘severely depressed Prague’ that York is (said Jod after examining the photos from there) and loads of work, only to get back to more work. In the meantime I went to the great pubs of York (there was this particularly good one, I can’t remember the name), ate at more than decent curry places, got revealed as a ‘brit-pop kid’ by a younger colleague, finished Q (more on that when we talk books) and started The Poisonwood Bible (after Sensei’s suggestion), I briefly walked in London (love for a place, like love for someone, has no logic), reaccustomed myself to the sight of the ever scantily clad Saturday night girls (some of them not unbefittingly so).

The highlight: I saw Theta the Cuttlefish, who once more proved to be a friend. What else is needed?

One thought on “Parentheses

  1. Poisonwood Bible: not bad, but there are better “postcolonial” novels written by white people out there.

    I agree. Land and Freedom definitely my favourite KL movie.

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