“Look at the ugliness around you!” said pH, like W Boson some time ago, giving me a lift on Saturday.
“I have chosen not to pay attention to it anymore. We eat, we sleep, we work, we read, we get together and we go out. We are avoided by locals, we can even avoid noticing the place.” I replied.

I have been thinking about this exchange throughout the weekend. No, this is not the final word on the matter. “Ninety-five percent of everything is crap, after all”, as Sensei once said. Let me then, once more, concentrate on the, say, 5% that matters here: intriguing, charming and sometimes beautiful images, most of them from the part of the Capital that “looks like a foreign country”, as a silly silly young Outposter I have worked with once said.

Thus, here is my brief, unenthusiastic but affectionate photo song for the Outpost Capital.




narrow street





after rain







4 thoughts on “Nevertheless

  1. Hi dom, thanks for the kind words.

    Here is the flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as I am not sure my visits to either your (which is cool) or Debbie’s blogs will have it showing up.

  2. I’m loving the pictures too…especially the one of the entrance with the chairs and blue door. However, I may need a code book for some of your terms in your blog…
    G52–co-worker, friend, neighbour?
    Evil Empire–there are so many to choose from…
    Outpost–Ankara? Alexandropouli? Missoula, Montana? LOL

  3. Not Missoula, Montana, but (in as ense) very very close to Tempi, Arizona.

    As to who is who and where the Outpost is, well, read on: the archives will eventually reveal all!

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