Eating out

Leaving tourist traps aside, although they are numerous, as they are just that, i.e. tourist traps, eating out in the Outpost is not just one of the few forms of entertainment, but also a remarkable experience. Now, the worst case scenario in eating out in the rest of the world entails one of the following:

a) awful food
b) exorbitant prices
c) service from hell
d) miniscule portions
e) a choice of the above

So many options — none of them easy to be found here. In the Outpost, the worst case scenario in eating out means maybe not great value or maybe not the most exquisite food or maybe a tad on the expensive side. Usually, food is good, reasonably priced, politely served and in huge quantities.

As for choice: first of all, you have the local cuisine, which is delicious — although limited in scope and overrated, moreover I am still suffering from my own withdrawal symptoms. Second, there is the number, variety and quality of international restaurants: Chinese, Japanese, South African, Syrian, Lebanese, Curry places, Italian, French, US-style diner, Greek, Spanish, Mexican etc. Third, junk food is so mediocre, you usually want to go out and eat something really good…

Expats in the Outpost quickly and visibly gain weight shortly after arrival. No wonder.


4 thoughts on “Eating out

  1. I totally agree that eating out, most of the time, is both doable and enjoyable. Although this is a relatively recent phenomenon. About a decade ago, what is so annoyingly termed “ethnic cuisine”, was almost non-existent in the outpost. But to prove that certain things do change here, and that there is hope that we will not stagnate completely, more and more decent places open up, leaving you amazed by the decisions to be taken on Friday and Saaturday nights, and to paraphrase Loxias, an urgent need to get a gym membership. Aah, those expanding waist- (bum, thigh, what-have-you) -lines.

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