The City

People have complained that the Capital is not like I portray it here, that is rundown, grotesque and derelict. The(ir) real problem is, and in that I agree with pH, that I focus mainly on the Old City — which features all the above qualities as well as pockets of both oddity and beauty, because the urban conglomerate around it strikes me as horrifically bland and, in fact, outright hideous. Actually, the 'New City' is, in many ways, even more desolate than the old part: ratée is the word that describes it best, I think. This is also the reason I was so happy for the early morning fog we got on Friday morning (18 hours ago, as gmail is informing me): it masked the incongruous background and made streets and buildings feel dreamy and fluid.

Below you will find some more pictures from the Old City, unfogged.

Window nudity

Lianas Stop Killing

nature morte


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