And were it not for you I’d surely die

I completely fail to understand why Lucky Jim are not hugely popular and how come they are not massively critically acclaimed by now, also given the fame the similar in spirit Anthony and the Johnsons (rightly so) and Coldplay (incomprehensibly so) have achieved. Their sole CD was impossible to find in the UK ("Lucky Gym, mate? Never heard of them…") and it was finally detected in New York as a UK import on offer for $9! O the disgrace. Their wonderful melodies and downplayed orchestrations combined with Gordon Graham's wry but soulful singing have stolen our hearts away, anyway.

In true blog fashion, let me quote from my favourite song on the CD, 'My soul is on fire':

I saw you coming through my waves of joy
Rode through the night with you
My souls envoy
And were it not for you I'd surely die

We went to the theatre on Monday, an experimental avant-garde piece of work unassumingly titled 'Nocturnal Emission', a combination of modern dance, acrobatics, a fan, a hose, poetry and "… and Juliet", a monologue by a surviving Juliet years after Romeo's overdose. As before, "if it had opened in English in London or New York, the world would have been raving the following day". Rarely have I seen experimenting and pushing the envelope deliver that much on both the esthetic and the emotive plane.

Because on a Monday (theatres are closed on Mondays), the audience consisted of basically us two and actors, some of them local celebrities, too. I took with me part of the soundtrack (in my head, that is), an extract from the chaotic, haunting and furious Faust Cantata by Alfred Schnittke.


3 thoughts on “And were it not for you I’d surely die

  1. Funny, they got good reviews in the Uk. Did I mention that The Honeymooners is gonna be my wedding song? Of course the wedding won’t be scheduled for some years yet but…

  2. Could not find the CD in the UK? Seriously?

    I bought it from HMV in down-town Manchester a couple of days after its release.

    I personally think that Anthony is on a different league than Lucky Jim; I find the band to be above average yet not possesing enough charisma to really stand out from the crowd.

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