I am full of anger at Jod's employer who yesterday found it suitable to accompany (misguidedly) cautioning her against talking politics in class with personal insults ("you are one of those who never caught a whiff back in 1992, while people like me were going door-to-door, struggling for the nation"), with the usual idiotic invectives and with a behaviour towards Jod as if she were some sort of minion of hers (has your employer ever addressed you thus: "how dare you speak…"?).

I am burning with powerless anger because we were (rightly) advised not to 'make any fuss about it', as they have the connections and the power to make Jod's future professional life difficult. At least all this happened during a meeting Jod independently arranged in order to tender her resignation from that place. I am still wondering where those half-literate, half-competent (Outposter) 'bosses' draw their cockiness from, if not from being sheltered within sicilian-style social networks and from blinding ignorance.

But then, a pleasant surprise was waiting for us on behalf of our landlords in the evening. I also found this very balanced review article.

Life's ups and downs, you might say.


2 thoughts on “Angry

  1. How I WISH Jod were teaching my 12 year old son! Politics ought to be taught. Ideas, concepts, and beliefs ought to be challenged. Children ought to think for themselves. No wonder our respective nations produce an army of robotic thinking children full of patriotism and nationalism but near empty in the free-thinking department.

  2. Obviously, a strain of the dominant (political) ideology is inculcated in this and most Outpost schools. However, I am not angry at their getting incensed that someone might coily suggest the existence of mainstream dissent in class. I am angry (and hurt, like Jod herself) at everything else they told her…

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