Many years ago, I walked from my parents’ home in the Home City to the old gasworks. Back then the gasworks was being redeveloped as a multi-purpose space. There was an anti-EU gig taking place in its yard, I only went there hoping to find Jorge, bored and disoriented. What I found was Jod’s smile in the crowd.

Last Wednesday, I walked from my parents’ home in the Home City to the old gasworks. The whole area is in the process of rapid gentrification, its up-and-coming label already growing old, with a metro station under construction and with poor immigrants in the process of being chased out of the once destitute neighbourhood. I only went there to join Jod for a couple of drinks in one of the many bars. What I felt on my way there was the firm realisation that, if not in London, it is Home City I would like to live in. 

4 thoughts on “Epiphanies

  1. Oh yes, I miss the Home City too, I mean your Home City, the only city I too feel at home.
    Maybe we must start some business there together. Perhaps a cafe with occasional live music, lots of books, nice armchairs, handsome and friendly waiters and waitresses. What do you say?

    Did I say that I miss you and Jod too?

  2. OldFriend, I think you are right: this is what we will eventually end up doing. I’m all for this cafe business. You invest the capital, I will invest the newly acquired management skills. 😛

    Hello popolicious! I will go back to your blog after I rid myself of dialup.

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