Small fry

After we came back from holidays, we went out with One of the Seven. We were feeling low, she was feeling low. The main reason was parents. In this part of the world, it is not Christmas that is a family holiday, but Easter. To give you an idea, almost everyone goes to church for the midnight Resurrection service, although the vast majority stay for a total of 10 minutes, just for the Bible reading, the proclamation that ‘Christ is risen’ and the fireworks — then they bugger off back home to gorge the special soup reserved for the Easter menu. So, I guess you understand that Easter is hard on those of us (all) with parent issues (NewYorker solemnly declared that for next year’s Easter it is Bahamas, Greece or somewhere — as long as it is not with her parents).

We went to the newly opened local Bennigan’s for lunch, staffed with newly imported Poles (cheap and legal workforce, Poland being EU now) who were eager to please and unable to speak English. Their food made TGI Fridays taste like gourmet exquisiteness, although their burgers are better than those in TGI’s, and the overall bland atmosphere made us hanker after the thrills and joys of the Home City (One of the Seven has also spent four years there). Then we found out our friend is a pescetarian and then we went for coffee.

The following day work eclipsed everything.


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