Three weekend snippets

The Catwoman was very polite, informative and reassuring — she really cares about cats, too. She also has a funny little dog. Leaving her place, Jod asked me

“Have you noticed that too many Outposters seem not to be 100% there when talking to you?”
“You mean they are absent-minded?”
“No, not necessarily — just not 100% there with you.”

Loving traffic jams
We went to the beach yesterday. On the way back there were no less than three major traffic jams (of the genuine stop-and-go sort) on both the country road and the motorway. However, we were in inexplicably high spirits (swimming in the sea is good for you — those Victorians got it right in the first place) and we put on our Soul classics tape and danced to it (firmly buckled up, of course), singing along, braking with the beat and all that. It was like an in-car party and even the black BMW convertible family ahead of us enjoyed it and waved us goodbye when they eventually exited the motorway.

Self-conscious meta-blogging
Hardly anyone reads this blog. It makes little sense if you do not live in the Outpost and it makes even less if you live here. The names are weird, the themes haphazard, the writing weird and impenetrable in times. People do not link here, either.
However, I recently realised it has worked in its own way. Being in tune with what many Outposters seem to think and feel about the place, local young people have started their own blogs blowing whistles, telling it like it is, or simply making fun of what is crooked and unbearable about being (from) here. Most of them are (rightly) in the local lingo, hence making them only partly accessible to Compatridos and speakers of English (sometimes in equal measure, one would think), but I am really happy seeing them multiply and perusing them — most of them are truly both piercingly astute and hilariously written.
Now, I am not implying that I have started any trends here or that I have established any blogging schools — obviously not. Moreover, having written for some time I realised that I had been predated (not always coyly) by certain characters, both in the blogging world (e.g. Zapata) and — naturally — beyond it (e.g. the Nutty Shrink) in chastising, criticising, denigrating and ridiculing. Nevertheless, I just like to think that by writing this I have encouraged people to do what they felt like doing, i.e. the above, more easily. For which I am glad, as I partly do this for a living.

14 thoughts on “Three weekend snippets

  1. Hey, did you see today’s Phil or Pol? They had, in the comments section, a nice little article about a couple making the most of the traffic jam and dancing to some music. I guess it may have been the family car ahead of you, or the driver behind you. You and Jod are now famous!

    Busy these days, but depending when you are leaving I might be able to fit you in somewhere… I swear I know have a seperate “schedule” for any non-work related activities. They normally take place after 8pm, and caffeine is involved otherwise I’m shitty company (lots of yawns).

  2. they had, in the comments section, a nice little article about a couple making the most of the traffic jam and dancing to some music

    Now, is this for real? Wow, such a small place…

  3. i read you.
    a friend linked to you recently in our multi-personed blog, and i find what you write most amusing though occasionally upsetting. I think to myself, why on earth would he go to *another* wedding? why on earth doesn’t he go find all that great “alternative” world of the outpost – though granted it is small, it’s also strangely fascinating. You’ll momentarily bitch about the ugliness of this poor little island, and rile me up because i find there is so much beauty in the old town, and the five-fingered mountains overlooking the entire city, and that haze of humidity blending with the heat of the tarmac, and then you mention anthony and the johnsons, or dancing around in the car and i simply melt and wish there were more people who did that kind of thing.
    i hope you’ll continue to write, and i hope i’ll continue to read you.

  4. Dear Francis, everybody knows we are in league with each other as well as with the sinister forces corroding family values — but thanks for the appraisal, anyway.

    Alexantra, hm, now, here is an interesting comment. First of all, your characterisation of this as amusing and upsetting made me genuinely happy: I guess that is what I set out to do when I first started writing this, besides informing people on the place and friends of my own whereabouts and news.

    Now, regarding the rest of your observations, I don’t know how long you have been reading this (it takes some stamina), but there are three points to underline. First, I detest hot weather and barren landscapes (especially treelessness), so it’s just me. Furthermore, as I have said time and time again, it is not (just) the place, it is us who have “the problem”: we are big city people and ‘small’ will not do because after a while ‘small’ ceases being ‘fascinating’ or even stimulating, whether this is the local ‘alternative world’ or whatever. Second, the Outpost is preposterous-looking in parts mainly due to the irresponsible conduct of its people during the last 30 years and, at the end of the day, it is exactly the warped values of the local society that (often) make it unbearable, even more than its (perceived) ugliness. Third, this is why I am here, to make “more people [do] that kind of thing.”

  5. indeed, for big city people the outpost must be fairly oppressive at times, an enlarged caricature of one its villages. i am in no way suggesting that the island is in of itself an ‘alternative world,’ i’m not delusional. all i am saying is that it took me years to find a way to work my way around and through the various irritating, at times repressive and backwards, characteristics of the outpost – and i met a lot of people (who thankfully dance in cars regularly) and places along the way that made me genuinely happy, and occasionally inspired me. something, that at first glance (and probably at second and at third), the outpost does not seem to offer. and i’m glad that i managed to discover that part of it. it provides a space that makes it all that much easier to function in such a confused community, and it smacks of potential for something better, however small that something better may be. i guess, as an outposter ‘youth’, that’s as much as i can hope for.

  6. Isn’t it nice when two (+) people get along so well in this comments section of loxias’! We do read your blog, we do link to you, we practicaly adore you. We even spend part of our humid outpost nights talking about you and yours just to cheer up and crack a smile, epsecially when alcohol starts failing us. Maybe we could even name our car-dancing routines to and from beaches as ‘the loxias kind of thing’. Alexantra?

    PS. Even tree lined streets are hot today. Too hot.

  7. Morbid curiosity? Spending part of […] humid outpost nights talking about you and yours

    Hear! Hear!

    (I’ll start a fan club! I’ll get rich! rich! rich!)


  8. Hardly anyone reads this blog.

    I read it. I link to it. It’s worth reading and worth linking to for many reasons…
    -your topics and ‘insider’s view’ of events like Chomsky’s visit
    -your photos
    -your honesty

    I’m never disappointed. I’m sure there are plenty more readers who feel the same but just don’t choose to comment.

  9. I only drop in from time to time to see what Loxias’s next salvo of half truths about life in the Outpost is going to be.What he is doing is trying to portray the place as the Hell of this world, while curiously neglecting to mention all the bad stuff that go on in his “dream cities” abroad. He thrives on treating the place and its people as garbage,one might say he does it with glee.

    What I find incredible,Loxias, is that you are still here. Are you seriously,SERIOUSLY, trying to tell us that a cosmopolitan,”big city” fella like yourself who just can’t bear living in something as “small” as the Outpost can’t find a job anywhere else on the planet? Are you a mazochist then?

  10. @Seawitch: you are too kind in your succinctness — but we should know already.

    @The Passenger: I am not a masochist, I am working on the job-hunting thing, but thanks for the concern anyway. A propos, a great deal of people lack the necessary connections and the proverbial patrician uncles who could land them great jobs ad libitum and on demand. Otherwise, you are wrong, I am afraid, but we have been through this before.

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