Foreign affairs

Tot and husband are back from their honeymoon in America. They thought LA is ‘overrated’ (well, it sort of looks like an overblown Capital City with a Downtown and Hollywood / Beverly Hills thrown in, I guess); they both absolutely adored Vegas: they stayed there for five days; they thought Disney-whatever (the one in Orlando, Florida) was fun (I think I would agree) and that Florida is paradise on earth.

They hated New York: “It’s all just rain and filth“. I nearly fainted.

Earlier yesterday, the following dialogue between Jod and someone I am too embarrassed to name (even under a pseudonym) was reported to me by a mildly bemused Jod:

“Do you watch on the telly what’s going on in the Lebanon?”
“Well, yes. Terrible.”
“Terrible indeed. I’ve been seeing all that destruction and death and I realised I must do something.”

I interrupted Jod in some disbelief: “Is she going to get involved into activism?”

“No, life is too short, so she decided to finally get that boob job. $6000.”

We are clearly hanging out with the wrong crowd. The problem is, is there any other crowd here? I mean, besides the ‘alternative people‘ who occasionally join us and criticise the Outpost: after all, this is not a terribly fun thing to do.

We are clearly in the wrong country.

Explanatory Postscript:

The above post presents two incidental and inconsequential events.

The first is about people we know who preferred Vegas to New York, something my significant other and me find outlandish.

The second is about a train of thought by someone we know. The said train of thought departs from the death and destruction caused by the Israeli aggression against the Lebanon to conclude that this person must finally embark upon expensive cosmetic surgery, possibly via thoughts on mortality, seizing the day and so on.

Given that we subjectively find both points of view (i.e. that New York sucks, especially in comparison to Vegas, and that the situation in the Lebanon could be conducive to one’s decision to meddle with one’s own tissue) incompatible to our tastes and various precepts, I wondered how come we largely — albeit not exclusively — associate with people subscribing to such points of view. I conjectured that maybe such people are quite numerous here (possibly due to socio-educational factors, although no such explanation is explicitly attempted as such), rendering the possibility of meeting them statistically high.

A solution entertained with a degree of confidence is for us to move (if plausible or, even, possible) to a more populous territory, where the probability of peculiar people like us finding like-minded peers could be significantly higher.