In 1978


When I was a child, this was my favourite TV show. I remember staying barefoot and thinly dressed outside in the cold so as to “catch my death”, miss school the following day and be able to watch the final (as I thought then) episode of the series.

Now, this Wikipedia article explains it all. Well, almost all. One thing for sure, it resolves the hot ongoing schoolyard debate back then on whether Zoltar was a woman or not. Apparently he was just a hermaphrodite alien lord, frequently reporting to a great demonic spirit on an oval screen, always with a blue foxhead mask and a tight latex outfit on, sending huge animal-shaped machines to destroy Earth.

With such role models to look up to, there is no wonder I became a cross-dressing sado-masochistic pagan into bestiality… Besides, there is a clearly deterministic link between stimuli and responses, right? (My own favourite character was Jason, the guy in the number 2 T-shirt. He was perenially in a foul mood, when he was not openly hostile towards Marc, the number 1. Ah!)


2 thoughts on “In 1978

  1. Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time…a long time….

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I used to love that show! They used to have a ship named the Phoenix right? It would catch fire or something? Am I recalling correctly?

  2. This is how the Wikipedia entry goes on Phoenix: A regularly featured deus ex machina was the transformation of The Phoenix into a flaming bird-shaped craft able to handle virtually any exceptional situation by functioning something like a large blowtorch. The Phoenix’s primary weapon was a large supply of rockets. It also occasionally flaunted a powerful solar-powered energy blaster, although the team had the misfortune of choosing very cloudy days to use it.

    I still have my toy Phoenix.

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