Speaking of the devil

When I saw Hugo Chávez crossing himself, while addressing UN General Assembly, at the mention of G. W. Bush as the Devil, I said to myself: “What a clown, what a total idiot. What a sad piece of theatre.”

Then, recalling G. W. Bush’s claims that God told him to invade Iraq and his other biblical Judge pretentions, I asked myself whether dry Baptist sermonism is any better than Catholic pietist vaudeville.

At the end of the day, Baptist righteousness or Catholic exorcism don’t matter — but for the impact of what they cover up on people’s lives. Which in turn reminded me of G. W. Bush claiming that all this suffering and death and torture in Iraq will amount to pretty much little more than “a comma” in the future histories of the country, or the humankind. Maybe this comma could have been dotted up to a semi-colon if nuclear weapons had been used…


One thought on “Speaking of the devil

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