24 months


Happy birthday, blog.


14 thoughts on “24 months

  1. In Gougourounia, you’d be sitting at a bar and people would start buying you drinks and singing in unison. “Gentle days…your birthdays…many, many…don’t go away…stay and play…”
    Then, as a mark of respect to your offspringblog everyone would leave the bar together”

    At least, I think that’s what would happen…

  2. @Noullis: Thanks.

    @Gougourino: Wonderful song. A civilised and gentle people, Gougourinians must be.

    @xilaren: Thankssssssssssssss.

    @οι σκιές μιλάν: ‘Hm’, ‘whoa!’ or ‘oops’?
    I would nevertheless think thus:
    [DegP [Deg ABS [NP [AP happy [N birthday]]]]
    Thanks, anyway.

  3. ps. would be nice if you could post something about the arrest of the BlogMe manager in Greece yesterday. No idea whether you heard about it but it was quite of a shock since it was the 1st of this kind in the western world. Previous examples come from Singapore and China.

    More here and dozens of posts in the Monitor here

    Happy birthday again!

  4. I admit didn’t get the “Devious Diva” part of your comment and usually when I have no idea what strikes me, I get the feeling I did something wrong. If that is the case here too please, feel free to delete whatever you consider inappropriate in my comments..it was never meant to be so.

    I won’t be of any further disturbance.

    My regards..

  5. No offense whatsoever! Au contraire. inappropriate? No way. Nothing wrong.

    I just think that DD monitors issues of human rights in Greece in a more systematic and thorough way than I would ever be able to.

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