Not a good day, not a good day.


My work has been becoming less and less rewarding for the last two months or so. Given that my job here is the one thing that sustains me (besides what is in the internal domain) and serves as an excuse of me being here, this is bad news. Today then was one of those days when I could see the metaphorical job satisfaction gauge drop a little bit. Needless to say, I remain busy and demotivated.


The weather, still balmy, does not help either. There were clouds at the beginning of the week, but not today.

Ok, enough. On to something different.

I found the picture below on my mobile.


It is from last Thursday, when I had lunch at the local MacDonalds. I consciously boycott the chain for all the well-known reasons (bar the occasional McFlurry to go) and it had been years since I had bought food from them, let alone meat, let alone consume it sitting down. So, last Thursday I did all the above. Let me tell you: it was bloody weird. First of all, the creepy Ronald McDonald pictures (a clown proportioned like an adult — no wonder he is so scary), an unreal environment, aniconic and heavily decorated at the same time. I had a feeling I could sense the people working there stressing all the time. However, I enjoyed the fries (they are always good) and, above all, the Royale with Cheese this time: it actually brought me back the memory of my first burger ever, from a place called Jolly’s (it has been defunct for decades), with cheese, ketchup, pickle and, yes, an egg. The delight of this rare madeleine moment was marred by the sight of primary school pupils and preschoolers (with their families) gobbling fries and burgers and imbibing the dreadful sugary versions of Coke (I can never finish them) fast food places serve.

One thought on “malaise

  1. I commiserate. I’m going through much the same tango with work satisfaction/lack of, and am in much the same situation. Something’s got to give.

    Your burger description makes me recall the decadent greasy deliciousness of post-drunk burgers with an egg on top which a friend and I used to get 3.00 am-ish at a place, no, sorry, a joint near the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. The madeleine cascade effect…

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