Psycho Killer, qu’est-ce que c’est


“Germans… they are all so weird.”
“In what sense?”
“Well, my uncle has lived in Germany for 30 years, he’s a businessman there. He’s married to a German woman. He’s confided in me that two out of three of his business partners have offered him their own wives. Two out of three. That’s a statistic, my uncle has had more than three business partners. See?”
“They are all perverts. There was this German couple who have this house in Governor’s. They have made friends with a local shepherd, a friend of mine. Now, the three of them would hang out a lot…”
“(Uh-oh, lewd description of pastoral menage à trois coming this way?) [Nod]”
“So, he happened to be going by their place the other day and he happened to see through the window [description of bestiality]. He got into the house, the door was unlocked, and shooed the dog away. The wife complained to him. Not only that, but the husband came down from upstairs to complain. What kind of people! The husband complained the shepherd interrupted his wife’s pleasures. The kind of people…”
“Well, it’s their own home and they can do anything they wish in it, isn’t that so?”

NewYorker’s boyfriend gave me a stare full of puzzlement, contempt and slight queasiness. All that, and more, on Friday.

Thankfully, we hanged out with some fellow foreigners yesterday. We visited some of the few (this year) open artists’ studios. We bumped into some long-lost friends, an Outposter couple hiding inside their own niche. The photos are from that little tour of yesterday’s.

DJ's den + street

14 thoughts on “Psycho Killer, qu’est-ce que c’est

  1. Street number?
    You are not from here, are you? :p
    FYI, here in the Outpost we don’t care about addresses, only strategically positioned trees, cornershops, traffic lights, empty lots, churches, dusty groves, crossroads, oddly coloured or extravagantly featured buildings. That’s how we do our orienteering.

  2. So that’s the one across from the other one on the street, off the corner Segar’s creation is rusting away, next door to this one the Norwegians used to stay, before the cycle-circus clan moved in last year or so and set up a bike workshop, yes? Diagonally behind you if you are facing the cacti. Not the one right next door to the wood workshop – or?


  3. is that the one opposite the light that makes the annoying buzzing noise? next to the rehearsal area for young ‘rockers’? opposite the one with the zebra framed mirror and wooden flooring?

    loxias.. i think what dem is trying to ask, is: “is that my warehouse?”
    dem, is it? and… whose legs are those?

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  5. 2 out of 3 of my fellow outposters suffer from acute lafazanitida. And that’s a statistic, i have more than 3 fellow outposters!

  6. Hm, I see positivist methods are taking over.

    Incidentally, I had a crush on a girl named Lafazano when I was at High School. Hm, again.

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