Dream lord

“So we named him Morpheus after Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman. Although Breton-Domecq [her husband] has not read any of the books in the ‘Sandman’ series, he nevertheless trusts me.”

him in ‘we named him’ referring to their son, I just once more salute and hug the wonderful Outposter couple, thanking them for having got out of their niche and into our place tonight for dinner and chat. Morpheus proved more than a match for Gizmo the Cat, too (hehe).

Finally, succumbing to the general trend, here is one of my favourite songs and video clips ever.


3 thoughts on “Dream lord

  1. Hm, ‘uh-oh’ rather than ‘oh-oh’…


    It’s true what they say, you can’t as much as fart (‘scuse me language) in this place without it reverberating…

  2. i think it’s Durrel actually, in ‘Bitter Lemons,’ who says that if you sneeze while on the highway, when you arrive at your destination, people will say ‘bless you.’

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