Incomprehensible matters

Jod was teaching essay writing this morning. The topic they were discussing in class was the Press. The students, highschoolers at the equivalent of Year 11 (Year 5 of high school), complained that they find the press confusing and baffling:
“We keep reading about the three estates: legislative, executive, judiciary — what about other powers? The Archbishop, for instance? It’s all so confusing. And all that news from foreign countries? Why do we care?”

The discussion continued and then the observer (there was peer class observation in Jod’s class this morning) intervened:
“Well, if you can hardly understand what the stories the newspapers run are about, it is hardly a problem of the papers — it is a matter of education.”
Students disagreed with that, in the local silent and vacant-staring way we have learned to discern.
“For instance”, Jod added, “the fact that I don’t understand Nuclear Physics, is that my problem or of Nuclear Physics?”
“Of Nuclear Physics, of course.”

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