Riding a happy wave

During the week a series of unpleasant events took place: the car died due to a power takeoff failure and was resuscitated by an electrician; the kitchen sink got blocked and was duly unblocked by yours truly, using my prized new vacuum pump and a series of potions, acids and poisons; the corridor light bulb, embedded in the most absurdly designed ceiling light, went off and was successfully replaced today; the washing machine pump screamed and screeched and overheated only to be replaced by a plumber within 30 minutes, only 10 minutes after he was called (this state of affairs is unthinkable in Compatridia and Britain). All that after I today successfully extracted my new passport from the Compatridia Consulate: no laughing matter, given their intolerance towards shadows, smiles and concealed ears on passport photos, all those holograms and security features, or the biometric data stored in a microchip in the front cover (mine for a mere €75).

Am I on a roll? Maybe. This month I have met as many exciting people here in the Outpost as in the previous four years: Dancer, Dæmion and Jack the Wizard. Having met them and talked to them, and with a little help from One of the Seven, and even Zapata and pH, life somehow feels so much better recently. I even went to a pleasant office Xmas party last week, for f’s sake!

(This post’s title is from a cool corporate Xmas present I got this week.)


2 thoughts on “Riding a happy wave

  1. Ha. I’m dreading that passport process. I, for reasons long and complicated, have a Comp. passport too. Maybe this time they’ll actually spell my name correctly, in both languages…

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