Car Show

Yesterday we joined Tot visiting the annual Car Show. Given locals’ adulation of the internal combustion engine and the packaging it comes in, we were prepared for Hajj-scale crowds. We were not mistaken: Outposters are consistent with observing their faith (homes-cars-family), so how else could it be.

There were many nice-looking models inside. The rain was coming down hard outside, turning the State Fair’s parking lots into mudfields. But inside it was all light and warmth and chrome, red carpets to walk on — pristine-looking tyres, too. The wind was gushing outside and the poor parking attendants in anoraks were probably wondering if the peanuts they are getting paid are worth that.

As I do not get particular libidinal over car bodies, shiny exhausts, droopy-eyes headlights, cherry wood dashboards or whatever on cars turns people on, I was more attentive to the generally impressive female bodies promoting them. Now, most of them were clad in improbable outfits: although Toyota’s leather-and-stilettos fetish was certainly the most impressive and enticing, Renault’s yellow (of course!) tops topping tight black shorts over knee-high boots also created quite an effect. Others’ more middle-of-the-road outfits on their models were also pleasing to the eye, too.

Seeing all these cars there, I was still not sure they are really necessary. This was of course, a naive thought. Anyway, Cadillacs looked as hatefully ugly as ever: box-shaped petrol stoves on wheels. Lotuses looked like too much design for nothing. Prius looks impressive from the inside, I sat in its driver’s seat. Volkswagen Eos looks cool, too. BMWs are all superb — the flood of them driven by idiots in the streets of Outpost has still not desensitised me to their general sleekness. In the end I was left with the feel that the beauty of cars is too polluting, too expensive, too gratuitous to be appreciated.


Our own 993cc 1990 Suzuki had a hard time delivering us home, its engine soaked with the downpour, hence coughing and wheezing and panting. It will hopefully soon have a little brother.


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