The end of the beginning?

Going back to England for almost a week — you can tell I was there from the new pictures that have surfaced at the bottom right hand corner of this page — was certainly a transforming experience. Such experiences have occurred so plentifully recently, call them instances of enlightment, realisation, sinking-in or not-raining-but-pouring, that they seemingly hardly deserve the label ‘epiphany’ any more.

Somehow it emerged, although it is too soon to tell, that nostalgia is not about places, it is about a particular time interval in the past and a specific version of ourselves during that time interval. It also became clear(er) that living in a place is different from (frequently) travelling into it and that the latter can, sometimes, be preferable. Also, the banal truth: misery is less a matter of geography and more a matter of money, options and, above all, people.

More will soon be revealed.

3 thoughts on “The end of the beginning?

  1. Yes, the truth of your statement cannot be overemphasized, especially the bit about people. It’s taken me a while to learn that as well. When Renee and I visited Grenoble on our honeymoon, it really hit me that the place hadn’t changed much at all, but what I knew (the people, the thoughts) was completely gone, and wasn’t going to come back in any other form than nostalgia.

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