Bats in Outpost Capital are huge, the size of big pigeons, and this makes them look really graceful.

I like bats: they are timid despite looking scary and generally intimidating. Jod always thinks of them as flying rats. Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Bats

  1. I agree: I am a huge supporter and appreciator of the bat. Seeing them flying around in the dusky hunting light makes me happy, as does the sight of swallows swooping around in the bright sunlight. I read somewhere that a swallow will eat its weight in midges and mosquitoes and other nuisance insects every fifteen minutes or something equally unbelievable, and I think a similar thing is true of bats. Or I want to think so.

  2. Ah, yes, swallows. A necessary and obligatory love for swallows has been inculcated into my generation by the Compatrido educational system. I love them all the same.

  3. I am with Jod in this.
    Bats (and squirrels): I hate them, hate them, hate them! The latter is a rat with fancy fur (or good PR as a friend used to say) while the former was just lucky to have a cool superhero as representative.

    the only good thing I can think abt bats is their name in spanish: murciélago.
    I love the sound of this word.

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