And then I emerged back into the darkness

People here order too much food when eating out. Of course, sometimes food just arrives, especially when ordered as a set menu. Well, Compatridos order a lot of food, too, but, whereas Compatridos pretty much eat up what they have ordered, Outposters are blissfully comfortable leaving copious quantities of food untouched, to be thrown away. This still makes me uneasy; I actually find it very annoying.

Tonight, on my way to a poetry reading (accompanied by lots of food and drink), I stopped at a photo exhibition. A number of brilliant photos of the Capital by someone who — naturally — shoots so much better pictures than me. I looked at the photos, had a glass of wine with the photographer (yet another Compatrido washed up on these shores), thought of maybe buying a couple of his prints (they are $220 each, however). And then I emerged back into the darkness.

The poetry reading was good. Poetry better works orally, after all. One of the poets was Marc Matthews, a wizard of recitation — although calling his rendering ‘recitation’ hardly does it any justice. He tried getting the audience to engage into some call and response routines, but to no avail. The food, Syrian, was excellent. It disappeared in a matter of minutes and none at all was wasted.

2 thoughts on “And then I emerged back into the darkness

  1. Once more you can trace this back to the fact that Cypriots were always under the boot of the oppressor, whoever that was at given periods. Therefore, once they got their freedom they pigged out on the souvla. Bullshit I know… I think we simply like to pig out and doing this *at any expense* is a show of “power” – otherwise you are considered “cheap”.

  2. Maybe you are correct. Outposters tend to be generally wasteful (in resources, water, food, energy), almost purposefully sometimes, and gratuitously ‘large’ (huge houses, huge cars, huge debts), so it must be some sort of a show. I don’t know. Sometimes, I don’t really care, either.

    Like I don’t care why someone would decorate their place with a boar replica. 🙂

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