In notes of 5(0)

Tidying up today, I found some banknotes I have kept as souvenirs. I scanned them and am presenting them here for your viewing pleasure. I understand they are all under copyright and are reproduced here as long as there is no objection or legal hindrance towards this.

Thailand: 50 baht
50 baht front
Not thrilling or original, but solid, sober, traditional banknote design.

France: 50 FF (obsolete)
FF50 front
How can you not love this one: a map, Saint-Exupéry and The Little Prince on it.

The Netherlands: fl50 (obsolete)
fl50 front
Breathtaking. So glad I have kept this one.

Northern Ireland: £5 (Northern Bank)
£5 NI front Northern Bank
Like in Scotland, each bank print their own money in Northern Ireland. This is a special millennial edition. Notice the orientation! Printed on the same (?) plasticky paper as Australian dollars.

2 thoughts on “In notes of 5(0)

  1. I am extremely envious that you had the foresight to save that 50 guilder note. I loved all the Dutch money and am pissed off at myself that I didn’t manage to save any — I was too poor that year to assemble any sort of note collection.

    If I remember right, the level of detail in the sunflower, with the bee, was downright mesmerizing. Thanks for posting these.

  2. If you go to the flickr page and choose to view the 50 guilder note in its Original size, you will get all the flowery details.

    Yes, it was a sacrifice keeping this particular note instead of spending it.

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