Special K

“I only want him to be happy here”, said Special K’s wife while he was in the toilet.
“But he cannot be happy here. The best you can hope for him is that he may be allowed to do his job, to help develop his field here, to make a difference here despite being here and the powers that be here.
But he cannot be happy. The culture here is so anti-intellectual, so differently oriented to what he is into… See the local intellectuals, film-makers, artists, scholars — the lot — most of them eventually fleeing here. This is a great place to have kids, to buy cars, to eat lots of meat, to be able to afford a flat twice the size of what one needs (as I do).
This is not a place where someone wanting to educate and to cultivate and to change attitudes and mindsets can be happy in. It is a place where they can fight the good fight. So, don’t expect Special K to be happy, more than a camel can be happy in Greenland. Help him fight, instead.”

In the meantime, Special K had come back from the toilet. I thought of the pictures I uploaded to flickr yesterday, testimonies to the stifling provincialism and boredom of elsewhere, you can see them below. Who knows what Special K thought. Or his wife.

Recently arrived

That's entertainment



4 thoughts on “Special K

  1. A starbucks next to an ann summers looks awfully familiar. Is there a castle near by as well?

  2. I’ll be damned…
    I just came across you blog by way of Kourouna’s.

    There is a Gap a few meters to the right of Ann Summer’s, yes?

    You live where I live? I need to take a look in your blog to find out more!


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