A gallery

Last time I was in London I got some postcards from the National Portrait Gallery to embellish the walls in my new job. I thought of getting portraits of some of my ‘heroes’, no matter how much I am suspicious of the whole ‘hero’ concept. I scanned them and am posting them here for your viewing pleasure.

 [Update of 7/11/2007: I have now removed the images — see comments.]

Samuel Beckett

John Tavener

Mick Jagger

Helena Bonham Carter (I actually used to dislike her as an actress, but I did change my mind after Fight Club).

James Joyce

(The scans are deliberately poor quality, to discourage reproduction. The images are all copyright and have been reproduced without permission, only for as long as no-one objects to their presence here.)


7 thoughts on “A gallery

  1. Very excellent — thanks for sharing these. I particularly like the concept of failing better, and intend to strive for that in all things. I am also happy to hear that you changed your opinion of HB-C after Fight Club. “I want ‘Brain Parasites’!”What an excellent character that was!

  2. The first one decorates my fridge. I look in his wild eyes first thing every morning when I look for my milk.

    Knightley is SO NOT a Bonham Carter clone!!!! PLS! And it is not her fault she has been corsetted so many times! she was young, didn’t know what she was doing….

  3. Concur. I thought Weisz was a lightweight (basing that opinion heavily on films involving mummies), but changed my tune after The Constant Gardener, which we saw only a few weeks ago.

  4. Hello!

    Would you please kindly remove the scanned postcard images? The copyright in most of these images belongs to the various artists / photographers / estates (as opposed to the Gallery itself). The Gallery (and you!) could potentially get into trouble for copyright infringement if these images remain posted.

    Many thanks,

    Bernard Horrocks
    Copyright Officer
    020 7312 2442

  5. Hello to you, too.

    Legally, it is quite difficult for me to get into trouble, as WordPress is not hosted within the jurisdiction of English courts.

    Although your marginally patronising tone can hardly be appreciated, out of courtesy as well as gratitude to the NPG — for offering the general public beauty, education, stimuli and excitement for free — the images have been removed as requested.

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