Martini, yay

Jod, following a lead from Dæmion, bought me a bar kit. She also restocked our bar with a bottle of Martini, a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, and a bottle of triple sec. So, now I can mix my own dry martinis and vodka martinis — with olives and all. Bliss! Economy! Alcoholism! In the comfort of my own living room. The joy of not having to negotiate clueless bartenders (in most bars bar Plato’s and Uqbar) and annoying bar crowds (in Plato’s and Uqbar, sometimes), if I don’t have to. If my martini sucks, it’s because I did something wrong, and the mistake will not be costing me $12. Similar things apply to Jod and her margarita habit (hence the triple sec).

Otherwise, I am happy I have found eV. Along with some others, she has made life slightly better in this dismal place. However, a word of advice: next time she gets into a random bar and they charge her $60 for a glass of white wine, she must take a look around and wonder why most of the female customers look like hookers. In this country, unlike, say, in the UK or the US, it will most probably be because they actually are. 😛

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