By the way, if you haven’t seen Shortbus yet, don’t bother. Really.

It uniquely achieves talking about sex in a spectacularly tedious way: I gave up at the one-hour mark a week ago and only managed to pull myself together to watch the remaining thirty-something minutes while lunch was cooking today. The film also features some monumentally irritating characters, with gay men being drama queens or shallow and straight men being scummy, while women — both lesbian and straight — are lovingly portrayed in an almost old-fashioned misogynistic manner. Actually, only the maitre d’ of Shortbus is endearing and engaging.

Why, oh why, is it so hard to talk about sex?  :-p


3 thoughts on “Shortbus

  1. haha!

    I meant that overall it was no worse (actually was better) than most indie similar stuff out there. I didn’t understand what was all the hype about and some characters were indeed irritating but overall and in the context…

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