Music for my ears

My new workplace is a 15-minute walk from where I live, and I cover the daily distance with earphones plugged in my ears. Walking home minutes ago I realised that these contraptions are made for walking in cities with pavements to walk on, not the streets of Outpost Capital. The general lack of pavements and the abundance of parked cars entails that I sometimes have to walk close to the middle of the street, just in front of cars manoeuvring their way past both parked cars and pedestrians oblivious to the world — just like me (granted, pedestrians are rarer).

Sometimes, the moments Shuffle can create are worth the risk, as when the afternoon light falls from a particular angle to coincide with Philip Glass: for a moment, I am able to dream again.


One thought on “Music for my ears

  1. Sounds like an improved commute. Be careful out there. Looking forward to when you visit – I can take you on my morning commute (30 minutes by bike). Music, or not (in my case), I’m so so happy to not have to drive anymore.

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