3 thoughts on “Santa Cristina

  1. I know the picture quality is bad (I had to shoot it surreptitiously), but you seem to have missed the hair, the hips, the tummy! Unsurprisingly so, if I may tease you. :-p

  2. Dear Loxais
    Hi! I am Kourosh, from Iran. I’ve recently found your blog after the recommendation of my friend who is a lover of Greek culture and arts specially “Yanni”!
    I have a basket full of colorful vernal flowers for the newly arrived spring to present you! Accept my warmest congratulations.
    If you want to learn more about the ancient celebration of Nowruz in Persia that cheers the arrival of spring and vernal equinox, take a look of my blog and read the latest post. Also if you want to view the pictures of Persian and Tajik girls dancing in honor of Nowruz and become acquainted with Haft-Sin table that has been recently set inside the White House, take a few moments to look at my other blog at http://helloyahoomail.net/en
    Be happy!

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