Theatre and life

“We are so different when it comes to how we watch plays”, Jod said. “I enjoy a play by default, until something I don’t like occurs, something to annoy me.”
“Well, obviously, I am indifferent to whatever it is I am watching until there is something I appreciate, something to captivate me.”, I observed in counterpoint.
After a short silence, I added: “It is the same with people: you like them until they do something wrong, if they do. If they do not, you like them, and they like you back. I, again, work the opposite way: I am silent and introverted until someone says or does something to win me, then I open up and — even — light up. No wonder people are usually suspicious towards me, observing me observe them quietly.”

2 thoughts on “Theatre and life

  1. Strangely, I’ve just had this very conversation and claimed the exact same thing as u. And i was accused of being arrogant.

    I still fail to see why.

    p.s. now, that might be a tad arrogant.

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