So, this Compatrido I barely know decided to return to “his country” (this is how Compatridia is described if you criticise Outposters, otherwise, it is “Motherland”, thank you very much). He made me power-of-attorney to sell his car and left me with the key (if interested, reader, it is still up for sale). Why me? I was the one person he trusted, he said (no, this has nothing to do with me being trustworthy or with my character and ethos).

This Outposter rang me last Sunday and asked me to drive the car to his place (some 8 km from here) so that he can have a look. I explained to him I am busy and whether he would be so kind to come over to my neighbourhood, where the car is parked, on Wednesday. He eagerly agreed, got the address and detailed directions and made me an appointment for 5.30.

I had the car washed this morning (well, there is another prospective buyer). I effectively organised my whole day so that I can be home just before 5.30. Obviously the git never showed up. I understand he might have had second thoughts or that he may have found something else by now. Still, the fact he did not bother cancelling the appointment hardly surprised me, although it annoyed me. Six years on, I have somehow learned to automatically file such lack of consideration for people’s time as typical Outposter behaviour. To be honest, I actually realised he was not coming to the appointment after he had been late for 45 minutes and after he had not rang me at least twice for directions — they do that a lot.


2 thoughts on “Appointments

  1. You even had the car washed for the benefit of the outposter prospective buyer! And then you have the nerve to publicly claim that trustworthiness has nothing to do with your character and ethos! How humble!

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