The breaking of the curse

Jod managed to trick me into a surprise birthday party, again. For the first time since 2003 I felt I was surrounded by people I wanted to be surrounded by and who wanted to be there on my birthday. I had a really happy time. For posterity, eV never made it, courtesy of food poisoning, but One of the Seven, NewYorker, Dancer, Steve and Sophistikay were all there. I got prezzies. Amir-am-M and GWB (who happened to be in the restaurant) stopped by to wish well (and buy us a bottle of wine).

I will tell you about sundry shots of Outpost misery some other time, when I am in a whining mood. Sister has just flown in for a belated birthday celebration. Chances are that steak hasn’t killed eV, too, so we should all go out together tomorrow.

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