Quaver rest

I am in Stuttgart for work. The Professorin in charge of the meeting announced to us yesterday morning that we must produce results, along the lines of “you are not leaving this room until you give France a Constitution”. Ok, I’m exaggerating.

Today I managed to see some of the city, during lunchtime. Staatsgallerie is highly recommended. Stuttgart is beautiful, serene and green, with lots of open spaces, wooded and with its own vineyards, well within city limits. Stutt ist gut.

Last night, over dinner (in the meeting venue: the slowest and sloppiest service I’ve had in a restaurant; ever), this multilingual guy (he speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, German, Greek and Arabic) opened a discussion about tattoos. I told him that for decades I was trying to decide on a design for a tattoo myself: nothing too straightforward, nothing too pretentious, nothing too obscure, nothing too ornamental, nothing pictorial. Yes, you guessed right: I ended up without tattoos. Then the multilingual guy told me about a woman who got a tattoo on her ankle: a quaver rest. I was impressed and I got almost heart-broken I would never have an idea like this.

I’m reading Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy. It is both amusing and smart. And Borges-esque. Which is good.

Tonight we are having dinner in an allegedly nice place near the Castle. Thankfully, it is Corpus Christi today, so most places are closed. Yes, it is a public holiday in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Alas, poor Martin Luther.


3 thoughts on “Quaver rest

  1. aargh, i totally identify with the quest for the perfect tattoo. i might well steal this idea and pretend i have never read this post. which was very nice by the way, i have missed your writing.
    NY trilogy is peculiarly beautiful, too

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