history and counter-culture, tourists and squatters, DDR brutalism and post-1989 mitterandism,  stunning streetwalkers and prematurely aged guys, Turks and Russians, bohemia and bourgeoisie, beer and wine, East and West, Prussians and Jews, horror and vision. Berlin is an indication that we are too versed into thinking in binary, contrastive, polarised terms: in the end, all things human somehow meet. Or, as they put it here, in post-hippie terms, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Otherwise, my life as a (quiet) political animal began in 1989 when I stayed up on a school night to watch the Pink Floyd Mauerfall concert. Coming to the actual place was a very potent experience. It makes you think, as they say. And maybe dream, too.

Pictures here.

3 thoughts on “Mauerfall

  1. I like it when you travel. Its refreshing not to read boring details about the destination that holds no interest to me. The alternative you offer is so much better. Good morning.

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