Although one of those “irrational and disturbed” characters I have written about earlier came back with a vengeance before the weekend, it seems that I have developed some defences against them, by now. It is a matter of priorities, I presume, and of my determination to work hard and to generally get things done this autumn. I can’t afford stressing out anymore, can I?

Overstressed, overworked, underindulged and tired Glau visited for the weekend in order to relax — although in constant contact with her office. The slice of our life she was served here was quite fun and impressive to her. She went to restaurants and bars, she stayed in a relaxing flat, she saw us living next to a faultline of sorts, she went to beaches (she however had fantasies of bombing Big Resort with hand grenades), she met cool and exciting people who care for us: eV, Dancer and — naturally — What’s-his-Name, the distinguished member of the Russian nobility. She also told us what we have been suspecting all along: Outpost lifestyle is alarmingly and disturbingly close to Compatridos’ ideal lifestyle by now.

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