My iPod and me

I read this post by the great Francis Strand. I have thought along these lines before and, more importantly, I have read and heard people making similar observations. This is serious. As Strand puts it “To me, Victorian means self-righteous, smugly pious, inhibited and stifling. […] what’s happening in America regarding that issue closest to my heart, gay rights, makes me inclined to think that the moral hypocrites are winning.” But it is not just gay rights. It is also the regression in the way people seem to think about “women’s place in the world”, all the talk about the “sanctity of marriage” (including civil marriage, quite comically), the undaunted perseverance of Neocons to their ideals and goals, and so on.

I was thinking about Strand’s post walking back home. Now that the weather in the Outpost is bearable, I can walk more. I also need to walk more, as I have not renewed my gym subscription since last June, what with all that travelling and long absences. Thankfully, I now have an iPod Touch, a prized present by Jod. It made carrying a laptop with me almost obsolete. It enabled me to blog from a bistrot in Paris, while eating a gorgeous chèvre salad and an omelette. Above all, it has transformed my flâner, rendering it more profound, nuanced and dramatic, whether this be the 22 kilometres I walked in Paris within a single day or my daily walk to work and back, or to some place in the Old City to meet with friends. Some of the more spectacular moments include the rain in Capital City, my hood on and something very appropriate coming through the earphones, the beat accentuating rush hour crowd-mingling on the moving walkway in Châtelet, the wintry stroll back home in Home City.

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