The Box, 14 years on

The night before flying out to London, I was too excited to sleep. I dozed off but woke up at 1ish. I turned on the telly and I saw this.

It captured me instantly and completely. Within the few minutes the video and the song last, I felt like I had had the feel of London captured and handed over to me. The mesmerising ostinato melody (or, rather, theme) stuck with me. One of the first things I did after I arrived there was to buy the CD single with the precious little money I had. The feel and the theme, played by this unidentifiedly sounding synth, would indeed become the soundtrack of me walking in London, time and time and time again.

When I arrived in my old neighbourhood last Monday, jetlagged and sleepless and full of anticipation that I would see Sensei again, it was cold and bright, cloudless and glorious.  But when I returned to an evening city, all lights and crowds and noise, the Box resurfaced almost automatically, effortlessly. It still encapsulates the feel of the city to me.


2 thoughts on “The Box, 14 years on

    • Hey, thanks.

      I know about all those Philly jokes. However, the little that I did see struck me as very friendly, unpretentious and (not too) laid back.

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